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Our Cat Cuddles Storysack®
Lizzie and Dominic desperately want a kitten, but they get much more than they bargain for! The puppets and audio CD bring the story to life, while the creative language development cards build on the exciting language used in the story. A non-fiction game helps to teach children how to care for pets. Many activities involving the use of rhyming language, adjectives and pet care can be explored using this sack. £54.00


Old Macdonald Storysack®
Practical pre-school awards 2003 - silver winner
The superb soft toy and 6 finger puppets combined with the book, snap game and audio tape, make this a brilliant resource for early years literacy and word play. £59.00


There was an Old Lady Storysack®
Complete with 7 beanies, story book, audio tape, 2 pocket non-fiction books and memory card game. Helps to extend and develop the reading experience. £53.00


Mrs Honey's Hat Storysack®
This beautifully made soft doll complete with her 12 felt hat pieces combine with the story book, game and factual pull-out 3d spider book to really bring this popular title to life. £50.00


The Big Hungry Bear Storysack®
This adorable little mouse has everything he needs to re-create this wonderful story. Included is scenery, audio tape, plush strawberry with wooden cutting knife, story book, factual Pocket Pal Mouse book and mouse game. £42.00



The Princess and the Dragon Storysack®
National Literacy Association Awards 2003 Winner
This award winning Storysack is about a princess who behaves like a dragon and a dragon who behaves like a princess. Many activities involving literacy and issues of citizenship can be explored involving children in expression, performance and discussion. With story book, character mask book, audio tape of the story 2 fabulous hand puppets and language game. £54.00

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