Puppets & Props
Ever wished for a teaching tool that captures and holds the attention of children?
Puppets work well because they are multi-sensory and non-threatening. Many children can be reached using puppets.
They help children to experience empathy for others. Puppets relieve personal and group tension as they engender laughter and the therapy of laughter. Help bring your storybook alive.

Let You Imagination Run!

Old lady doll

Old Lady Doll
This beautifully made fabric doll makes a marvelous accompaniment to the much loved book There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly. The Doll has a mouth that opens so each animal can be fed to her as you follow the story. Doll measures 37cm. £20.99

Farm animals

Bean-filled Animals
A collection of seven bean filled cloth animals that can be used alongside the Old Lady Doll to act out the story. £10.99

Old Lady Sea Doll

Old Lady Sea Doll
A great accompaniment to The Old Lady who Swallowed the Sea book. Complete with an opening mouth to allow you to feed in the sea creature. £20.99


Sea creatures

Bean-filled Sea Creatures
A set of seven cloth covered bean creatures includes: Crab, fish, squid, seal, shark, whale and the sea.


Old macdonald puppet

Old Macdonald Doll
A wonderful soft doll to be use alongside the Old Macdonald story book.£23.99

Finger Puppet Animals
A set of six finger puppets that include: horse, cow, duck, pig, sheep and dog. £17.99




Duck & Ducklings puppets

Mother Duck Hand Puppet A lovely large soft bodied duck, great to use on its own or alongside the popular Five Little Ducks book. £12.99

Duckling Finger Puppets
A great set to use with the mother duck or can be used on their own. £18.99

Duck and Duckling Set
A high quality good value set that can be use to engage children in pre-school math. £28.00

Five little men puppets

Little Men Finger Puppets
An adorable set of characters to accompany the Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer book. A great visual and interactive tool. approx size 12cm £18.99

Our Cat Cuddles puppets

Lion Hand Puppet
A great plush lion hand puppet. Can be used on its own or to enhance the Our Cat Cuddles book. £12.99

Cat Finger Puppets
A set of fabulous finger puppets that match the cats in the Our Cat Cuddles book. £16.99

Dragon hand Puppet Dragon Hand Puppet
Top quality hand puppet that can be used with The Princess and Dragon books or as a prop for St Georges Day. approx 310mm. £11.99


Princess puppet

Princess Hand Puppet
A soft hand puppet of the princess in the Princess and the Dragon story book approx 360mm



Mrs Honey Doll

Mrs Honey Doll
A wonderful soft bodied doll that can be use to help tell the story of any of the Mrs Honey story books. £20.99

Felt Hat pieces

12 Felt Hat Pieces
A full set of velcro felt shapes to stick on Mrs Honeys Hat as you read along with the story. £10.99

Mouse Doll

Little Mouse
Use this soft plush mouse to help retell the story of The Big Hungry Bear. £8.99


Strawberry & Knife Set
A plump soft velcro strawberry that children can practice cutting in half with the wooden knife. £9.99


Big Hungry Bear Scenery
This three sided cardboard scenery from The Big Hungry Bear allows children to act out the story. £4.99

Dog pyjama case

Dog Pyjama Case
This lovely soft pyjama case makes a great gift especially when teamed up with the Animal Lullabies Book and CD. £11.99

Scaredy Cats puppets

Plush Kittens
This delightful pair of kittens make a wonderful addition to the Scaredy Cats story book. £10.99

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