What better way to learn than through a fun game? All the games are made from high quality materials designed to withstand the inquisitive hands of children.


Arithmetic Lotto
An enjoyable and rewarding game of addition and subtraction, with many original features. Includes 72 cards and 6 collecting boards.  £8.99 


Fruit Salad
This game is a painless introduction to fractions in concrete and abstract form. Includes 15 shaped fruit fraction cards, 4 collecting plates and 1 fraction dice. £8.99


Numbers Factory
This multi-level game offers children of primary school age plenty of experience and enjoyment of multiplication and division. Includes 72 cards, 6 collecting boards. £8.99 


Vegetable Soup
Challenging game of observation, memory and judgment. Amongst other things, we learn that a whole can be made of many different combinations. Includes 48 shaped vegetable cards. £8.99 


Giant Dice
A fun and challenging game for children of varying age and ability, to match their skill at arithmetic. Includes 2x30mm dice, 60 counters, 4 collecting boards. £9.99 


Old Macdonald Counting Snap
New large format of this noisy counting game, which is an irresistible invitation to learn to count. Includes 48 cards. £5.99 


Sorting and Matching

pass the bag game

Pass the Bag
A hilarious game in which children use their sense of touch to distinguish pieces of different shapes and sizes.
Comes with 4 collecting boards, 1 bag and 40 colourful plastic pieces.


Pet Corner
A non-fiction game that encourages children to consider the needs of others and teaches them how to look after a variety of different animals. Collect all the items you need for your pet to lead a healthy and happy life.
Comes with 6 collecting boards, 54 matching cards.


Little Mouse Game
A matching, sequencing and observation game from the 'Big Hungry Bear' story. £5.99 


Memory & Observation


My Grandmother Went to Market
A fascinating memory game and a valuable aid for developing language skills.
Comes with 117 different picture cards.


Mrs Honey's Hat Game
A memory, sequencing, observation and early reading game from the 'Mrs Honey's Hat' story
Comes with 4 hat boards and 49 story cards.



Literacy and Language


The Princess and the Dragon
This varied game challenges children's reading and observation skills. They can also mime the expressions of their favorite characters and collect new vocabulary.
Comes with 4 collecting boards and 36 cards. £9.99 

Language Development cards

Creative Language Cards
A sturdy set of adjective cards based on Our Cat Cuddles, that encourage the use of extra vocabulary and form and a reference to develop use of descriptive language in developing independent writing.
Comes with 31 cards.

Set to Sign - Baby Sitter Set-to-Sign-Sleepover Set o Sign- Nursery Set to Sign - Big Dy Out Set to Sign Cards
Using sign language can help to develop communication skills and is also lots of fun. Expand signing vocabulary with these cards,
which are designed to be used either independently or alongside the First Time books
. Comes with 32 cards. £5.99 per set
Set to Sign Cards



Musical families
A superb new edition of this entertaining, educational quartet game, in which we learn to recognize 'families' of musical instruments. A great companion to The Musical Life of Gustav Mole and The Lost Music.
Includes 32 cards.