The unique format of these books brings information to 3-D life, as well as enabling them to function as an eye-catching display for the classroom or child's bedroom.
Children of the Sun

Our Solar System
Packed with information this book opens before us like a tunnel through space, enabling you to make a fascinating tour of the planets in your own solar system.
Both a fascinating display and reading resource. 6+ years.


Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel
This cardboard engineered concertina book traces life on earth throughout the geographical strata backwards from the arrival of man to the first plants. Gives a remarkable grasp of the fossil record. 6+ years.

Ocean Deep

Ocean Deep
From the sunlit surface to the darkness of the deep, this book explores the fascinating life forms that exist in our oceans. Peer in to the depths of this tunnel effect book and investigate each zone of the ocean. 6+ years



Metamorphoses - 16 panels Giant size 300x220mm  £8.99 Each
Great Books that combine 3D engineering with factual information. 4+ years
Butterfly Silver Medal 1993 Dimensional Illustrators Show.

    Misunderstood Bats

Metamorphoses Dragonfly

Metamorphoses Egg Tadpole Frog

Metamorphoses Butterfly

Following the change of a tiny egg into a magnificent dragonfly. Combining 3D images with factual information to show the secret life of these insects.

Egg, Tadpole, Frog
Following the stages of transformation from egg to mature frog. This book won the Silver Medal in the 1993 Dimensional Illustrators Show Awards.

All living things change as they grow. This title helps the reader follow the transformation from a tiny egg to beautiful Monarch butterfly.


Misunderstood - 16 panels Giant size 300x220mm  £8.99 Each
These concertina book
are full of amazing facts and detailed illustrations. Wonderful books for display. 5+ years
Misunderstood Bats Misunderstood Spiders Misunderstood Snakes

Follows the different experiences of a bat in each illustration.
The text contains facts about these endangered animals.


Both a fascinating display
and reading resource that helps us to understand
these often feared but fascinating creatures.


Unique information book packed full of wonderful facts and illustrations about these misunderstood creatures.


Misunderstood Chameleons

The shy chameleon still remains a mystery for many of us. This book shows that if we come close to these little animals, we are more likely to understand and protect them.


Resourceful Learning