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The Lions Share New   Quiet as a Mouse New

The Lion's Share
Lion always wants more than everyone else, and he thinks it’s only fair that he gets the most! But will he still want the Lion’s share when all the fun is over?

  Quiet as a Mouse
Mouse keeps getting left out of all the party fun. His voice is so quiet that no-one can hear him. How can he find his voice, and make his friends take notice of him?
Dinosaur Dinner New  
Dinosaur Diner
Dinosaur’s unbalanced diet and lack of exercise make for an unhealthy lifestyle, and leave him with no energy. Will his
healthy friend be able to encourage him
to change his ways? £8.99
  Don't You Dare Dragon!
Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2007 All Dragon wants to do is cool down and have a little fun, but every time she tries, she ruins it for everyone else! Thankfully she finds some friends who need exactly what Dragon does best! £8.99

See you Later Alligator!
Practical Pre-School Gold Winner 2004
Crocodile has plenty of jobs to do around the house but Alligator is always too busy to help. When will Alligator realize that there is time for play, and a time to work? A fun intro. to the idea of helping others. £8.99 


What's The Time Mr Wolf?
Practical Pre-School Gold Winner 2004 This fabulous interpretation of the classic children's game allows readers to follow Mr Wolf and Little Wolf through their day, from waking up to the all important dinner time! Digital and analogue clocks on each page help us learn to tell the time. £8.99

The Mixed-Up Caterpillar
Practical Pre-School Bronze Award 2007 A little mixed-up stranger in the forest, who doesn't quite know what he is. Just as he finds out, everything changes and he must adjust to his new identity. Great for discussing identity and belonging. £8.99
  Ten Little Ducks New

There Were Ten In The Bed
Innovative interpretation of the classic nursery song. In this sing-and-count book the dial turns to make the children tumble out of bed, one by one. £7.99


Ten Little Ducks
Turn the dial to make the ducks go over the hill and far away, then see if you can find them hidden on the next page. Perfect for introducing or reinforcing early subtraction and addition skills. £7.99

Rolly Poly Box Books
A completely original design. Rather than pages to turn, the cube shaped books unroll and pop-up, to provide a whole host of tactile and visual surprises for children of all ages! 24pages.  £6.99 each
Roly Poly Box Books


Children like to fiddle, so their hands on books are an enjoyable way to show how much fun reading can be. They  can resist turning the wheels or threading the strings through the books and putting their  fingers into the books to animate the puppets. A great tool to encourage reluctant and shy readers.
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