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Mrs Honey's hat

Mrs Honey's Hat

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Poems for the Young

Wake Up Sleepy Head
When sleepy animal children want to stay snuggled up in bed, how do their parents get them up in the morning? This book of original poems with colourful illustrations is a great introduction to poetry and will delight all young children.
6 months - 5 years. 32 pages.


Animal Exercises
How do animals keep fit, strong and healthy? How do Cheetahs run so fast? Why are they so strong? Discover the answers in this hilarious collection of animal exercises.
6 months - 5 years. 32 pages.


Animal Lullabies
This book of original poems are linguistically rich and varied. The linking theme in this collection is animals and sleep - how they get to sleep or what they get up to in their sleep. This book successfully conveys the restlessness often associated with bedtime.  2 - 5 years

Soft Cover £5.99
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Animal Lullabies Accessories
Dog pyjama case
Dog Pyjama Case £11.99
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