Citizenship, Life Skills and Values
This range of books aims to challenge children to think about the world in which they live, quality of life and democracy.

This book helps us to recognize the causes and symptoms of stress in children's lives, and teaches us how to deal with them, using simple and enjoyable exercises.
40 pages.


Published in conjunction with Action Aid.
These books cover a number of important issues - democracy, survival, ecology and responsibility.

Salamatu & Kandoni go Missing
This is the story of a child from Ghana and her goat in which their misadventures bring life in this remote part of Africa close to our own.
32 pages. £4.99


From Beans to Batteries
In Peru, Aldomero and Amerita go to the market and try to sell the kilo of beans they have picked, hoping to make enough money to buy batteries for their radio.
32 pages. £4.99  

Discovery Flaps - Created with and for OXFAM
These books aim to illustrate that people are the same all over the world and have the same hopes and dreams, but that their lives are very unique. 16 pages. £4.99

Come Home with Us!
This title features homes around the world, in Brazil, Afghanistan, Japan, Indonesia, Britain, Australia and Mali.


Come and Eat with Us!
This title features food around the world in countries such as Albania, Jamaica, Russia, USA, South Africa and Nepal.


Come and Play with Us!
This title features games and play around the world, in Albania, Jamaica, Russia, USA, South Africa, Nepal and South Sudan.



Come and Ride with Us!
This title features travel and transport around the world, in Haiti, Canada, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Egypt, Peru and Belgium.

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