Max and the Doglins

Max and the Doglins
Winner of the 2008 ‘Read it Again’ Award.
When Max the dog steals an egg from his best friend Beryl, it leads to a midnight visit from the mysterious Doglins. Only when Max stands up to thier bullying does he come to realise what he has to do to put things right. A great starting point for talking about behaviour and conscience.
4-7 years. 32 pages £5.99

The Flower
Brigg lives in a small, grey room in a large, grey city. When he finds a book in the libary labled 'Do Not Read', he cannot resist borrowing it. In it, he comes upon pictures of bright, vibrant objects called flowers. He cannot find flowers anywhere in the city, but makes an unexpected discovery, setting of a chain of events which continues to grow and bloom, even after we have turned the last page. A deceptively simple and haunting story, beautifully and mysteriously illustrated, set in a bleak future metropolist.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages.
Soft Cover £5.99

The Ding-Dong Bag
When two boys go out with a large bag to collect all the noises they can find, you can be sure that they will have an ear-splitting time! From the clang of a stick on railings to the thud of a baseball bat, this vibrant story celebrates the rich diversity of sounds they encounter and collect.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages. £5.99


Bear & Turtle & the Great Lake Race
When turtle challenges bad-tempered bear to a race along the lakeshore, bear is confident about the outcome, but all is not as it seems in this competition of wits. This traditional Native American 'tale with a twist' is retold by poet, author and storyteller, Andrew Fusek Peters.
4 - 7 years. 32 pages. £5.99


Twenty - Four Robbers
In this joyful celebration of a traditional skipping rhyme, twenty-four robbers return to the same house again and again. What do they need, and what is it for? Kindness and generosity show the robbers that stealing is not the only way, and teach them the value of sharing. Develops counting and observation skills through finding and counting the robbers on each spread.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages.


The Tiger & the Wise Man
When a Tiger plays a trick on a Wise Man, how will he escape being eaten, especially when it seems that all the animals are against him? Will the Jackal help him, or is it simply another trick? This traditional Indian tale is amusingly retold by professional storyteller, poet and anthologist Andrew Fusek Peters.
4 -7 years. 32 pages.  £5.99


Monkey's Clever Tale
When Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the river, she hatches a plot to trick Crocodile into helping her. But how will she escape being his next meal? And will Crocodile get his pot of Monkey Tail Soup? This enchanting re-telling of an Afro-Caribbean tale is ideal for story time. The lively illustrations capture the energy of the story and young children will be beside themselves if Ameerah Monkey manages to cross the river safely!
4 -8 years. 32 pages.  £5.99


Tooth Fairy
Jessica is jealous when her brother loses a tooth and she tries a con job with a piece of corn. Her trick is uncovered at the Tooth Fairy's palace and she suffers the wrath of the robot tooth cleaners, who want to throw her in jail. Jessica's dream has turned into a nightmare, but like all fairy stories, it does have a happy ending.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages.


Magic Shoelaces
Mathew just can't keep his shoelaces tied and is always tripping up. When the magic man offers to swap Mathew's laces for a magic pair, he thinks that his wish has come true. However, he soon realises that there are disadvantage to having laces that won't come undone.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages.


Scaredy Cats
When mother cat allows her two youngest kittens to go on an errand all by themselves they are delighted. But as they get further away from home the kittens are plagued by imaginary fairy-tale fears. Will they make it to town safely, or will they really be scaredy cats and give up before they reach their destination? An amusing story that will help children to understand and overcome their own fears.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages. £5.99


Presto Change-O
Matthew and Jessica's competitiveness gets them into trouble when a magic trick goes wrong. They realise that they can only undo the spell by working together. This fun story teaches the value of co-operation and explores the issue of sibling rivalry.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages. £5.99


Where do balloons go at bedtime? Matthew has the answer but, as usual, his bossy sister Jessica needs to see the proof. A fun book that takes the reader on a journey to the imaginary land of Balloonia.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages. £5.99

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