Resourceful Learning

Quick as a Cricket
A celebration of a child's growing self - awareness, and a prime example of how books can contribute to this.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages. Also available as a board book.

Soft Cover £5.99
Hard Cover £9.99
Big Book £15.99

Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear
It’s Christmas, and the little Mouse is looking forward to opening the presents around the tree. But what about the big, hungry Bear who lives at the top of the hill? The little Mouse’s brave and generous spirit reminds us that Christmas is for everyone, not just ourselves.
3 - 6 years. 40 pages. £5.99


The Big Hungry Bear
Who likes strawberries? The mouse does. The bear does. But the reader plays the key role.
3 - 8 years. 32 pages.
Also available as a board book.



Soft Cover £5.99
Hard Cover £9.99
Big Book £15.99

The Princess and the Dragon
When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, there are unexpected results! This is suitable for discussion of preconceptions and gender roles.,
5 - 8 years. 32 pages.


The Princess and the Dragon Mask Book
Using the durable board masks and play script from this book, children can act out this quirky and amusing story.
6 - 9 years. 10 pages.


The Musical Life of Gustav Mole
This book introduces children to the delights of music, instruments and performing groups. A baby mole born into a musical family begins a lifetime of learning pleasure along with his animal friends. With clear illustrations of what each instrument looks like. 3 - 10 years.


Book (sc) £5.99
Book (sc) with CD £7.99
The Lost Music
This is the sequel to the above book. Melancholy because he and his children have lost their music in a world filled with nasty noise, Gustav Mole circles the globe and seeks to retrieve his music among a host of animals playing many different kinds of instruments. The book can be used alone or with the tape. 3 - 10 years.

Book (hc) £5.99
Book (hc) with CD £7.99
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