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Bath Books

Colourful, ingenious and factual washable books, screen printed on padded vinyl, make bath time a delightful, relaxing and learning experience.   10 pages      0-3 years
Bath book Whale

Wally Whale

Squeaks and squirts water. £5.99

Bath book Turtle

Tilly Turtle

Tilly Turtle swims to the shore, and squeaks once for a girl and twice for a boy when her babies hatch. The child using this book is meant to help Tilly by holding her head and pulling her tail creating a swimming action. £5.99

Bath Book Dolphin

Dolly Dolphin

Squeaks and squirts water as she teaches tricks. £5.99

Bath Book Elephant

Henry the Helpful Elephant

Squeaks and squirts water. £5.99

Bath Book Elephant

Emily Elephant & her Friends

Squeaks and squirts water. £5.99

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