By introducing simple signs at an early age, babies and young children are able to communicate their emotions and needs, reducing frustration for them and their parents/carers; it also helps their language development. Using standard British Sign Language (BSL), your baby's signs will be understood by other parents/carers who sign.

To find out more take a look at our new Focus On feature, which this month is all about Baby Signing.

Hands-On Songs New
Five little ducks Five speckle frogs Humpty Dumpty Jack & Jill Miss Polly Old Macdonald Wheels on the Bus

A new series of board books for very young children. Colourfully illustrated with characters using British Sign Language for each well-known children's song.
12 pages. £3.99

Hands-On Songs
My First SignsPractical Pre-School Awards

My First Signs
Practical Pre-School Silver Winner 2004

This first signing guide for hearing and deaf children contains over forty key signs. Designed for parents and carers to share with babies, with its simple and clear instructions and endearing illustrations, this book is an ideal introducing to signing. A helpful tip is given at the bottom of each page to help beginners get started.
12 pages.

My First Animal Signs Pre-School Awards

My First Animal Signs
Practical Pre-School Bronze Winner 2006
This signing guide contains forty-eight animal signs with clear instructions. Ideal for sharing. Babies and toddlers are illustrated using the signs for a range of domestic, wild and exotic animals, as well as mini-beasts and birds. A helpful signing tip is given at the bottom of each page.
14 pages.

Sign and Singalong Pactical Pre-School Silver Winners 2004
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  Incey Wincey Spider   Baa Baa Black Sheep  Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Favorite nursery rhymes and songs in this award winning series with simple and clear signing instructions. Even proficient speakers will long enjoy signing to a favorite song or rhyme. 12 pages.  £3.99 each

Sign & Singalong
Sign About Practical Pre-School Bronze Winners 2006
Sign About Going Out Sign About Play Time       Sign About Meal Time  Sign About Getting Ready

These signing guides introduce signs for a variety of everyday activities, from getting up in the morning to going to the park. Making signing a natural part of everyday communication. 12 pages. £3.99 each

Sign About

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